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The experience of DBX to PST Conversion has always been daunting for you, one way or other. Be it the amount of files that keeps on mounting, time consumption or the messy procedure, at times the solution seems no better than the problem itself. Adding to that there is always the fear of data loss lurking around the corner; it too becomes your responsibility to be dealt with.

OE Converter is efficiency embodied when it comes to converting DBX into PST. The foremost prove of it all is the user friendly interface, which makes it exceptionally easy to execute the instruction to Transfer Emails from OE to Outlook. The measures to safeguard the data are an integral part of this conversion solution.

It takes on the responsibility to see to the safe conversion of all email files, right down to the meta-details like (to, cc, from, sent-date, etc). Even the complete layout of the emails, like the background color, border, text style and the HTML coding are retained.

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OE Converter DBX to PST conversion experience becomes delightful

This tool is a delight in every aspect, right about its exclusive rights (which could be easily brought out at $69), to its procedure (easily done in 3-4 steps). It is also affordable from the angle of time-consumption; for the facility of batch conversion being given, you can always cut down on the conversion time.

OE Converter High points in having this solution

  • Conversion in groups
    Our software has this unique feature of batch conversion that provides for the conversion of multiple files and is good on saving time.
  • Automated management of data
    Files are generated to fit in the converted data, so the management of the post conversion is no concern.
  • Management of files post conversion
    You have the option to save the DBX files (inbox, deleted items, etc) in same PST folder or in separate one.
  • Assurance on the originality of the data
    Measures being ensured about the retention of the emails information and formatting, there is no fear of unwanted alteration.
  • A Windows based solution
    This solution is designed to be workable on any Windows OS edition, including 7, Vista and XP.

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